2500 Bee Caves Building 3 Ste 200

Austin, TX 78746

Wendi Slaton Anderson

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What can I say? Not enough, that's for sure. Wendi was the reason we survived the sale of our home.

She was always so positive, diligent and professional, even when we weren't. She offered help at every turn. She treated our sale as if it was her most important transaction.

It's so rare to experience someone operating a business at the very top level of service. This was one of those rare times.

I just don't believe anyone can do a better job as a real estate professional than Wendi did



verb | \rüt\

1. To come into existence; originate

2. To establish or settle deeply


noun | hóm\

1. A place offering security & happiness

2. A place of residence/refuge


noun | \kəmpəs\

1. An instrument which shows direction & provides bearings