Why Roots Rocks

Roots Real Estate

1. An environment offering security and happiness.
2. A valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin.
3. A place where one lives; a residence.

1. To come into existence; originate.
2. To cause to put out roots and grow.
3. To become firmly established, settled, or entrenched.
4. To furnish a primary source or origin to.

Business savvy and smart.

RootsRE-icon-brownRoots Real Estate is a boutique Austin based brokerage grounded in goodness! We are real estate experts dedicated to providing superior service to our diverse clientele. We aim to exceed expectations, improve our communities and continent, and to educate, inspire and empower our clients.

Creative and cool.

RootsRE-icon-brownWe live in the coolest city in the US where flip flops, fabulous food, and renowned entertainment abound. Austin is weird, wild, fun, insanely smart, and filled with people who love life. Our real estate firm embodies Austin. We’re passionate people, doing what we love, doing it very well, and loving life as a result.

Relevant and refined.

RootsRE-icon-brownReal estate is an extremely personal business. Home is a place where things are created, discovered, founded, and developed. We get the importance of purchasing or selling a property and we work hard to hear you, understand your needs and honor your emotions throughout the process.

Professional and personable.

RootsRE-icon-brownWe believe in treating everyone with respect and working together to ensure an outcome most desirable for all parties. We know Austin, we know real estate, and we want to know and grow with you.