Stop Getting Junk Mail

By on January 5, 2015. Posted in , .


Every day that we check our mailboxes, we have to pick out all kinds of junk mail so that we can get to our real mail. Did you ever tear a bill in half because it was stuck to some kind of free offer? Need a wheel barrel to carry in all the mail? Are you tired of the complete waste of paper and resources that junk offers produce?

It’s such a bother and most can’t stand it, so here’s a simple way to manage the direct (junk) mail you’re receiving.

It’s called, DMAchoice. A free program from the Direct Marketing Association that helps you take control of your mailbox. This program applies only to mail sent by members of the DMA, which represents about 80% of the total volume  of marketing mail in the United States. So, while some unwanted mailings may not be covered, you can stem the flow of much of the mail you consider junk.

You’ll be able to manage subscriptions in four categories: catalogs, magazines offers, and other mail offers that include donation requests, cable offers, bank solicitations, and mail addressed to “current residents”. Register for the program at

Now you can check your mailbox without hesitation and leave the wheel barrel for actual yard work.