Tips for Selling Your Home

Doing What You Can to Sell Your Home

  • Exterior

    You’ve heard it time and again, CURB APPEAL. You want to make sure your home is as visually appealing as possible from the road.

    • Examine your exterior paint, brick, siding, etc. Repaint and replace anything that needs it.
    • Power wash dirt and grime from the house, driveway and walkways.
    • Keep your lawn mowed, edged, weeded and in good health.
    • Prune bushes and trees to keep things neat and orderly.
    • Mulch planting areas and remove any dead plants.
    • Sweep and clear patios and decks.
    • Clean out gutters and repair if necessary.
    • Get your windows professionally cleaned – inside and out.
    • Keep garbage cans out of sight.
    • Plant a brightly colored plant near your entry way for a pop of color as buyers walk in.

  • Interior

    • Clear as much of the clutter from the house as possible. Remove knick-knacks from shelves and pack away small items.
    • Organize closets and any full cabinets. You do not want to give buyers the impression that your home is lacking storage space.
    • Give your home a good deep cleaning! Professionally clean carpets, tile and grout. Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are spotless.
    • Repaint walls and baseboards/trim where necessary. Remove or repaint scuff marks and brighten up tired walls with a fresh coat of paint.
    • Have a friend or neighbor give your home the sniff test. Remember that you live there so it’s hard to tell what your home really smells like. You don’t want any strong smells – good or bad – present.
    • Clear kitchen countertops as much as possible. Put away small appliances and give the appearance of as much counter space as possible.
    • Remove magnets, notes, reminders, etc. from the refrigerator.
    • Store most, if not all, personal photos. You want potential buyers to imagine your house as THEIR home, not yours.

  • General Showing Suggestions

    • Leave lights on and blinds open when you know a showing is set to occur.
    • Remove animals from the house if at all possible.
    • Have beds made, clothes picked up and dishes out of the sink and in the dishwasher.
    • Try to have the home look as close as possible to the pictures that are advertising it.

For a more comprehensive list of what you can do to help sell your home, see our Sellers Maintenance Checklist.