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There’s a reason Austin has made almost every list of top cities in America; it’s eclectic, artistic, and active. From a thriving economy to a low cost of living, it’s got something for everyone. Austin has experienced double-digit growth in GDP, jobs, population and birthrate since 2007. And while most cities try to claim top honors, we’re not the only ones that have noticed that Austin is exceptional.

  • Ranked #1 on Forbes 2016 list of America’s Fastest Growing Cities

More interested in numbers than awards? Austin has a lot to offer:


 Austin has a thriving labor market with unemployment rates well below the national average and Texas’s other major metro areas. 

 Not only does Austin have a thriving labor market, but wages in the metro area are higher than either Texas or the US as a whole.
A nice complement to higher wages, the cost-of-living in Austin is lower than most other major US cities. 

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