Why Buy with Roots?

Why Work With Roots - Buyer



We’re Committed

RootsRE-icon-brownWe are committed to providing buyers with all the necessary information to make the best decisions during the home buying process. We do not simply sell homes. We make homes available and carefully help you determine if they are the right fit for you, and then negotiate and navigate. This process may take a day or a decade. We are in it for the long haul. We work on your timeline.

We Make it Fun & Exciting

RootsRE-icon-brownWe’re going to make home buying fun and exciting. We love what we do and it shows in how enthusiastic we are about being on this journey with you.

We’re Detail Oriented

RootsRE-icon-brownWe’re detail oriented. Real estate transactions have a number of moving parts. Our team at Roots Real Estate is experienced and focused. We work together seamlessly to ensure all the details are perfectly tended to.

We Understand Budgets

RootsRE-icon-brownWe respect your budget. We’ll work closely with you to set the parameters for your home search, and we’ll honor those parameters during your search from beginning to end.

We’re Referral Based

RootsRE-icon-brown95% of our business is from personal referrals. We’ll never cease to be humbled by the way in which treating clients with love and respect is repaid. Big thanks to our loyal, satisfied clients! We really appreciate you!

We Know Austin

RootsRE-icon-brownWe live in Austin, we love Austin, and we give to Austin. Please see our Giving Back page for additional information.